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Best Dry Dog Food Brands – Happy and Healthy – Dog Vigor

Best Dry Dog Food Brands – Happy and Healthy

Written by Lauren Brown

We select the top brands of food for ourselves since we know the quality is better and want what’s best for our bodies. When it comes to our furry companions, we should be buying the best dry dog food brands to keep them living a happy and healthy life. After all, dog is a man’s best friend so we should treat them as so.

Nutrition Guidedry dog food

When we purchase kibbles for our pooch’s, many factors go into choosing the right dog food. There are different breeds, ages, weights, and conditions that we must take into consideration when selecting the top brand. There are some ingredients that you’ll absolutely want for your dogs and other ingredients you should stay away from. Furthermore, dogs need nutritionally rich food with the best ingredients.

Ingredients we want

The best dry dog food brands will include ingredients that you should be able to recognize. The rule of thumb is if you see an ingredient that you wouldn’t want in your food, then it’s not good for your dog either.

Of all the vital nutrients, a good source of quality protein is essential. Animal products such as lamb, chicken, or salmon are sure to get your furry friends nose sniffing.

Your dog will need an excellent source of healthy grains. Carbohydrates such as rice or buckwheat will boost your dog’s energy level.

Natural fats and oils from plant or animal sources are necessary for overall health. A little bit of healthy fat will make your pooch’s coat shine and their muscles strong.


Ingredients to avoid

dry dog food brandsThe difference between the low and high quality dog food isn’t just the price- it’s the nutrient concentration in the kibbles.

First and foremost, pass on the mystery meat! Avoid “meat” or “rendered” ingredients. You wouldn’t want to eat an unknown source of meat and you shouldn’t want that for your beloved companion either.

Many brands will include corn or wheat as a source of carbohydrates. While corn and wheat is okay for dogs, its just “okay”. Instead of buying a brand that includes these grain fillers, opt for better carbohydrates such as rice or buckwheat.

Corn syrup can be a harmful ingredient as it causes dogs to be overweight. Corn syrup acts as a sweetener that can cause your little friend to be extra hyper. Offer your little friend a dog treat instead for dessert.

Finally, stay clear of any and all chemicals. Many chemicals are added to dry dog food in order to act as a preservative. Ethoxyquin, Propylene Glycol, BHT/BHA, artificial colors, and artificial flavors are harmful and your pooch will have a hard time digesting food with these chemicals.

Keep your little companion happy and healthy with this nutrition guide.
Here are 10 of the best brands of dog food:

Top 10 best dry dog food brands

1. Science Diet
Science Diet uses quality protein, never includes preservatives or artificial flavors and colors, and has clinically proven antioxidant benefits.

2. Pedigree
Pedigree promotes good digestion as they use ingredients that are easily absorbed.

3. Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is the only brand that adds pieces of food in cold form. These kibbles have a nice blend of nutrients that are good for the immune system.

4. Canidae
Canidae is great for all ages and includes a mix of antioxidants and omega oils.

5. Natural Balance
Natural Balance uses lamb and brown rice as the main ingredients. This brand is also great for dogs with food allergies.

6. Taste of the Wild
Taste of the Wild is grain free and includes eggs for extra protein. This dog food uses a variety of different protein including quail, duck, and turkey.

7. Acana
Acana is good for younger dogs and includes important minerals and vitamins needed for a long life.

8. Hill’s Science Diet
Hills’s Science Diet is great for large dogs. This brand is easy to digest and offers joint support.

9. California Natural
California Natural uses a limited number of ingredients, which is good for a dog that has food sensitivities.

10.Nature’s Variety
Nature’s Variety offers dry food but also includes freeze-dried options in their brand.

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