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Best Puppy Food Brand For Your Baby Pooch

Written by Lauren Brown

Bringing home a puppy is such a wonderful event in life. You must start off feeding your little bundle of joy right since he will grow up before you know it.  As a new pooch owner, you are accepting many years of responsibility in taking care of your pup- and this means making the right choice when it comes to their hungry bellies.

Why Puppy Food?puppy food

Entering the world dog ownership includes love and loyalty for years. These small puppies mature into their big paws very quickly. Puppy food is designed to meet the nutritional need of growing dogs. Providing extra essential nutrients will enable your pup to build strong and healthy bones, teeth, muscle, and internal systems.

A young pooch should start eating puppy food at about four weeks and begin using mature dog food at about one year. Start by feeding your dog 3 times a day and at the same times. Once the dog has matured, feed your big boy adult food. Your dog should begin to eat twice a day- once in the morning and once in the evening.

While there is some safe people food that your dog can eat, it’s best to refrain from feeding your puppy food from the table. Your young guy will learn quickly so start by training him to eat his own healthy food.

Nutrition Guide

Best Puppy Food BrandPuppies are hungry! Your growing little guy needs a puppy food that is high in protein, include healthy carbohydrates, and be enriched with vitamins and healthy fats.

Protein is vital to your maturing pooch. An animal product such as chicken, lamb, or salmon must be provided. Avoid any mystery meat or rendered ingredients. We don’t like to eat unknown meat and you shouldn’t want that for your new pup.

A good source of carbohydrates is essential for an energetic pooch. Rice or buckwheat is a healthy choice of grain. Corn and wheat are simple fillers so pass on these and get what’s best for your growing friend.

Natural fats, oils, and vitamins are necessary for your growing pups overall health. These will make their coat shine and their muscles strong.

Finally, stay clear of corn syrup, Ethoxquin, Propylene Glycol, BHT/BHA, artificial colors, and artificial flavors- these chemicals are harmful to your developing companion. Corn syrup acts as a sweetener that can cause your little guy to be overweight and extra hyper. Offer your friend a treat instead for being a good doggie. Various chemicals will be hard to digest for a new pup so pass on these to give your little friend a good healthy start.

Selecting The Best Puppy Food Brand

Many factors should go into purchasing the best puppy food brand. There are different breeds, ages, weights, and diet restrictions that we must take into consideration. Use this nutrition guide to keep your new bundle happy and healthy and always consult your veterinarian for advice. With the proper selection of food, your little buddy is sure to live a long and healthy life. As man’s best friend, we want what’s finest for our little buds.


Here Are 5 Of The Best Puppy Food Brands:

1. Canidae
Canidae offers dry and wet food made with good protein such as lamb, salmon, or duck. All kibbles include necessary nutrients including omega oils and antioxidants.

2. Natural Balance
Natural Balance features various types of food for different dogs. This brand provides various meats, vegetarian options, and includes copious amounts of vegetables.

3. Taste of the Wild
Taste of the Wild assures a high quality food for your growing pup. Different types of proteins are offered while also including necessary vitamins and carbohydrates.

4. Holistic Select
Holistic ensures your pup receives essential fiber and probiotics. This brand is also good for pups with allergies and diet restrictions.

5. Acana
Acana dog food markets to a large variety of breeds. Your pup can eat this healthy brand of food for all life stages.

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