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Human Grade Dog Food – Good for your Pooch?

For human beings nutrition is key when trying to live a healthy lifestyle and avoiding problematic situations such as illnesses or injuries. There are governmental organizations set into place, like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure that people consume food that is considered to be “fit for human consumption.” But what happens to […]

Health Insurance for Dogs – What to Look For

Dogs have been a critical part of humankind’s life for many years. Ever since 18,000 years ago after the first domestic dog began migrating with humans, man’s best friend has been vital to humankind’s survival. Since these domesticated animals are now so important to our lives, why not treat them with the same respect as […]

Raw Dog Food Recipes – ORDER UP, PUP!

Toys, treats, walks — it doesn’t take much to make our dogs happy. Pleasing their digestive systems can be a different story. The thought of making raw dog food is daunting, but there are many reasons to start fixing your pooch’s food from scratch. The best part? It can be easy, inexpensive and ultimately, healthier […]