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Dog food Review of Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food – Dog Vigor

Dog food Review of Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

Feeding your dog naturally with Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food is a balanced blend representing quality and value.

The first five ingredients are what I always look for in a pet food. Diamond Naturals lists its first 5 ingredients in its Beef Meal and Rice adult food as: beef meal, peas, cracked pearled barley, ground rice, and rice bran. Quality protein of beef meal and peas, combined with healthy grains is something my dogs benefit from, with increased energy and glowing coat and eyes.

Allergies are common in dogs that have a diet that includes fillers such as wheat, corn and soy. Recently one of my dogs developed allergy symptoms and was losing hair and scratching a lot. We switched from our supermarket brand to Diamond Naturals and within weeks, our dog was doing much better and his coat was shiny and healthy.

Superfood nutrients!Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

The other ingredients of this dry dog food from Diamond Naturals include such beneficial ingredients as flaxseed; dried chicory root, kale, chia seed, pumpkin, blueberries, oranges, quinoa, dried kelp, coconut, spinach, carrots and papaya. Top veterinarians recommend a balanced diet to keep a dog healthy and cancer-free. The inclusion of these natural ingredients shows that that Diamond Pet cares about providing nutritious food for our precious pets.

Diamond offers 12 different formulas of dry dog food to suit any size of dog, including my own dog’s favorite: Chicken and Rice. Adult dogs are tempted by Lamb Meal and Rice; Beef Meal and Rice; Extreme Athlete’s formula; or the Large Breed formulations.

Some conditions such as epilepsy are said to be triggered by eating corn and wheat. So many other dry dog foods unfortunately contain a high percentage of these grains. Dogs can also gain weight too quickly when fed an inferior food high in fillers. And the company has thought of such dogs and now offer a Grain-free formula.

Anti-oxidants such as omega fatty acids are included in the Diamond Naturals formulas, and this promotes healthier skin and coat. Skin conditions often improve rapidly once the condition is addressed by diet.

Great Value!

dog food bowlAnother factor that is important to myself, and to all dog owners, is the cost of the food. I am pleased to note that price-wise, Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food is extremely competitive and is priced at less than most supermarket brands. For a quality food that your dog will benefit from, there is no reason not to try one of their formulas. I began by offering the Beef Meal and Rice formula to my own pets, and ended up switching to the Chicken and Rice formula, which seems to suit their taste-buds better. And how convenient to be able to buy a high-end dog food when I am shopping for groceries!

I have friends who have an epileptic dog who was previously on a regular supermarket brand of dry dog food, with corn and wheat in it. After several frustrating years of medicating him, they were advised to see a quality grain-free food. They came upon the Diamond Naturals Grain-Free dry dog food, and his seizures were diminished in frequency and duration with 2 months.

As a pet owner I find that when a dog food company cares enough to manufacture high quality foods in a variety of formulations, I am confident that I can settle on a choice based on good quality as well as my own pets’ tastes. It is important that I feel comfortable to switch from one variety to another, with the same brand, so not to compromise quality for a change of taste.


An added bonus in feeding this dry food is that due to the nutrient-dense formula, fewer amounts are needed and therefore the savings start to really add up. Less filler and bulk in a dog’s food = less bulky output in the backyard! The ingredients are easier to digest and therefore not so taxing on a dog’s digestive system.

To sum up our opinion on Diamond Naturals: good nutrition, great value and an appealing taste to my dogs equals win-win for us both! I can’t wait until we get our next puppy and try the puppy foods by Diamond!

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