Dry Dog Food Ratings – Food For a Balanced Diet

In the world today, more and more people have warmed up to the idea of having dogs at home. Some dogs are pets and some are used to provide security around the house. Whichever the case, one needs to always make sure that the dog is healthy. For the dog to be healthy, one has to make sure that the dog is on a balanced diet.dog eating food

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy about the different dog food companies. Some companies that specialize in the manufacture of dog food have been accused of adding ingredients that are likely to have negative long term effects on the animals that they are being fed to. This has lead to a lot of people either losing their pets or having to incur hefty medical bills at the vet when they take their pets for treatment. To avoid such a scenario, the following are some of the top rated dry dog foods.

Orijen dog food review ratingOrijen

This is arguably one of the safest brands that one can buy from. The brand has managed to build a name and get recognition all over the world because of their products. They have specialized in the processing and the manufacturing of different kinds of dog products that are nutritious and healthy for the pet. Whenever one thinks about getting a dry dog food meal for his or her pet, this should be the first brand that he or she thinks about.

acana dog food review and ratingAcana

This is the second most recognized and most respected brand of dog food in the market. Like Orijen, the Acana Company also deals in a wide range of food products for dogs. A good number of the food products that are manufactured by this company are dry dog food products. When one is feeding his or her dog food products from this corporation, he or she can be sure that the dog is not going to develop any complications because they do not add any harmful ingredients in the meal.

eagle pack dog food review ratingEagle pack

This is yet another brand that has undergone a lot of scrutinies and it has been concluded that the food products manufactured by this brand are not only safe but they are also healthy for the dogs. They have undergone a number of tests and have managed to ensure that the products that they manufacture do not do any harm to the dog. Other reputable dog food companies include Fromm, Nature’s Logic, Stella and Chewy’s, Wysong, Pinnacle, Primal as well as Hi-Tek Naturals. Purchasing food items from these companies is ideal.

After one has managed to figure out all or majority of the brands that manufacture food products that are healthy for the dog, it is also important for him or her to figure out which brands to stay away from. The brands that one needs to stay away from include all the brands that have been suspected to add harmful ingredients in their food products. It is also advisable for one to stay away from food products that are manufactured in countries that are very permissive when it comes to the rules and regulations of making dog food products. One should stay away from these brands not because they are bad, but because he or she cannot be sure that all the ingredients in the food products are healthy. Some of these brands include the following:

ceasor dog food review ratingCaesar

This is one of the brands that have had issues with their products in the past. One cannot be certain that their dog will not develop any health complications after prolonged use of this product therefore dog owners are advised to stay away from it. Other brands that have low ratings include Chicken Soup, Ekanuba, Fruitables, Hill’s Prescription Diet, Nummy Tum Tum, Nutro and Nutro Ultra.

In conclusion, there are many different kinds of foods that can be given to dogs at home. However, one has to make a point of checking what is in the food that is being given to his or her dog in order to ensure that the dog is healthy at all times. One should always purchase the food from food processing companies that have good ratings.

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