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Human Grade Dog Food – Good for your Pooch? – Dog Vigor

Human Grade Dog Food – Good for your Pooch?

For human beings nutrition is key when trying to live a healthy lifestyle and avoiding problematic situations such as illnesses or injuries. There are governmental organizations set into place, like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure that people consume food that is considered to be “fit for human consumption.” But what happens to those pieces that are deemed unfit? The answer is that most of that waste will end up in pet food production and eventually given to man’s best friend. However, there is a recent design of food considered to be “Human Grade Dog Food.” The pet world’s version of the FDA called the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), decided that regulations needed to be emplace so that there would be no false advertising of what your dog is eating. The following are some items you should look for when buying Human Grade Dog Food or organic food for your furry friend.

What is Human Grade Dog Food?human grade dog food

The AAFCO to ensure that there is no misleading advertising going on in our pet food, set forth strict requirements that should be met for something to be called Human Grade Dog Food. The description stated that the food could not be altered or manufactured in a particular way. There cannot be any extra chemicals in the food that enhanced the food through flavor and color. Also, there could not be any synthetic material in the food that improved the food quality. If a food company wants to be able to put the label of Human Grade Dog Food in their bags, they need to meet these standards. In short, the dog food needs to be “fit for human consumption.” Up to this point, there has only been one dog food company that can officially put Human Grade Dog Food on their packaging and that is The Honest Kitchen. All other dog food companies, if they do not meet the standards, will label their dog food as “organic,” which means that majority of the ingredients are natural, but due to even natural ingredients being synthetically created the product by definition cannot be Human Grade Food, but organic. The only drawback to Human Grade Dog Food is that most of the companies that offer this type of food are located online and cost a lot of money. Most of this kind of dog food can cost $19.99 for a small bag of treats and $49.99 for a little bag of dog food.

What to look for in Human Grade and organic dog food?

When looking into Human Grade Dog Food, the first thing you should look for is, of course, the label stating the food is approved as fit for human consumption. However, as previously stated, legally, there is only one dog food company that can put this on their dog food containers. On the other hand, just because they cannot put the label on their product does not mean they cannot advertise it on their website. Therefore, it is important to look for certain ingredients to ensure your pet is consuming food that you would be able to eat as well. The key things that you should be on the lookout for are natural preservatives such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E or just look for the lack of food chemicals in the food entirely. It is essential to note that if a portion of food is considered to be organic it is not Human Grade Dog Food. As a result, the food cannot be consumed by humans due to one or multiple ingredients not being approved by the FDA.

What type of foods should you avoid?

dog sickUnfortunately, more foods should be avoided than chosen for your furry companion. However, since a number of food companies that can advertise legally they are fit for human consumption is small, they have the ability to charge for the higher quality of their food. So if the budget requires you to go with the organic over the Human Grade Food then here are some things that need to be avoided. Some things that should be avoided are rendered fat that is put into the dog food to assist with the flavoring. The drawback to this is that if moisture contaminates the food, then viruses like Salmonella and other toxins can make your dog sick. Feed-grain food offers the potential for mold-produced toxins that can harm and in worse cases kill your dog. The only way to get rid of these toxins is to heat them at very high temperatures, essentially microwaving the food of not only the bad toxins but also the nutrients that your dog could benefit from.

What should you choose?

Many different things should be considered when looking into dog food for your pet. The main thing being convenience and price. The Human Grade Dog Food while it is the best quality you can find for your pet, it is costly and only found on the internet. If you must go with organic dog food, then be sure to look for the other ingredients to avoid that would be harmful to your pet. The choice of the wrong type of food can be very detrimental for your dog.

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