Low Sodium Dog Food – How to Know When to Switch

Whenever one decides to have a dog, he or she wants to always make sure that the dog is healthy. A healthy dog will make a wonderful pet or a good guard dog depending on what its owner wants it to do. For the dog to be healthy, one has to make sure that it has the right kind of diet. Most people often make mistakes because they do not provide a diet that allows the dog to grow and have the right kind of nutrients in the right amounts. The following are some of the occasions when one knows that he or she needs to switch to low sodium dog food.

Vomitingsick dog

There are many different reasons when a dog may vomit. However, if the vomiting is constant, it is likely that the dog is ailing from something. One of the most common reasons why dogs begin to vomit is because they have too much sodium in their blood. This happens when the food being given to the dog is very rich in sodium which makes it accumulate over time which makes the dog begin to vomit. When this happens, one should immediately switch to a low sodium diet and take the dog to a vet.

Confusion and disorientation

This is a symptom that more often than not goes unnoticed by majority of the people who have dogs at home. The confusion and disorientation is a symptom that dogs often portray when they have too much sodium in their blood stream. One of the main reasons why such a serious symptom goes unnoticed is because most people who own dogs think that the dog is just being playful and that all will be well when it calms down. It is important to be able to tell the difference between the two in order to avoid any serious ailments.

Lower water intake

dog water bowlThis is yet another symptom that often goes unnoticed by the people who own dogs. This is because a lot of people provide enough fresh water for their pets but they do not make a point of monitoring and taking note of the actual water intake of the pet. When there is a reduced amount of water intake, there is a fairly good chance that the reason is an excessive amount of sodium in the bloodstream of the pet. When this happens one should consider changing the diet.

There are a number of dog food companies that have been investigated over the years because of false advertising. They advertise their products and portray them as low sodium and healthy products for dogs but they have ingredients that are likely to make the pet sick when consumed in large amounts. This false advertising has led a lot of people to wonder what could be wrong with their dogs when they get sick because they believe that they are feeding their dogs balanced diets but in real sense they are poisoning their four legged friends. Below are some of the brands that one can trust when it comes to low sodium dog food.

Orijen Dog Food

This is among the most trusted brands of dog food on the market. The brand has taken the time to formulate a dog meal that will suit all the natural needs of the dog. This ensures that the meal is balanced out in terms of nutrients and there no excessive inputs likely to cause health problems.


Verve dog food

The people who have tried verve dog food as an alternative after using the regular kinds of dog food have had excellent results. It is a natural dog meal with a very little amount of gluten which makes the digestion process very easy. It is suitable for all kinds of dogs.

In conclusion, feeding a dog is a task that needs more seriousness than people give it credit for. Most people assume that a dog can eat close to anything without having any health problems but that is not the case. If one wants to have a healthy dog, he or she must pay very close attention to what the dog is being fed and to also make sure that the food is being acquired from a valid source.

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