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Taste of the Wild Dog Food – The Food Your Dog is Born to Eat – Dog Vigor

Taste of the Wild Dog Food – The Food Your Dog is Born to Eat

As with most things in life when it comes to the food for your dog it’s best to stick as close to nature as possible and Taste of the Wild dog food is as close as they come! In their natural environment in wild dogs would be eating a mostly meat based diet with a small amount of plants and vegetables to provide the fibre they need in their diet. The problem is that most of the dry kibble available on the market today is filled with grains, fats, chemicals and other fillers which dogs simply aren’t meant to eat and which can cause a host of symptoms in your dog. So how is Taste of the Wild dog food any different?

What is it made from?taste of the wild dog food reviews

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the ingredients is that all the main items are meat based. For example the Bison & Venison recipe contains lots of bison and venison, exactly as the label says it does! It also contains lamb and deboned chicken to further increase the meat content. This is great news for your dog who will be able to digest the protein from these meats very easily, more easily than say protein from grains such as corn or wheat.

This dog food also includes a number of real, natural fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries. Again these are all foods you dog would be eating in the wild and they are vital components of a natural diet.

Finally there are also a wide variety of vitamins and minerals included in the recipe which will enhance your dog’s health bringing out energy and sure to keep him happy and active.

It’s also important to note what this Taste of the Wild dog food doesn’t contain. You will not find and gluten containing grains or artificial ingredients so you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting everything it needs from natural ingredients as it was born to do.


Will my dog like it?

Because of all the excellent quality, natural ingredients contained in this recipe your dog is sure to love this dry kibble! And it is great for dogs of all kinds and at all ages. The Taste of the Wild dog food range also has a puppy formula which includes all the benefits of the regular mix along with some extra ingredients designed especially for younger dogs.

Also note that if your dog has been used to eating other dog foods it is worthwhile making a slow transition to the new food. Over the course of 5-7 days start to mix in the new food, increasing the proportion of the new food until by the end of the week it is 100% of the meal. That way the dog will be able to adjust to the taste and his digestive system will be able to handle the new ingredients.

It Won’t Break the Bank!

dog food bowlWhen it comes to the health and happiness of your dog most owners would do whatever it takes but the good news is that good quality dog food doesn’t have to hurt your wallet! This dry kibble dog food by Taste of the Wild provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality. In fact, compared to a number of other leading brands with similar ingredients it comes in as one of the best value available! That’s good news for any dog owner!

To Sum Up

The combination of wholesome, natural ingredients, grain and filler free, supplemented with fruits and vegetables makes this dog food a sure-fire hit with your dog. Thousands of other dog owners have enjoyed the benefits of feeding their dogs an all-natural diet and now you can too!
And because it is such excellent value you’re sure to love it almost as much as your dog! It’s not often you come across such a high quality dog food at such a reasonable price. So give this dog food from Taste of the Wild a try and enjoy the extra energy, vitality, health and active lifestyle which is sure to come from this excellent dog food!

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